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Catimini Girls Ivory Dress With Silver Accent Winter


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Designer Catimini little girls dress for Winter/Autumn is simply divine it invokes images of innocence and wonder.

Catimini brings you this beautiful dress in ivory and silver with double layered cotton the first layer features tiny polkadots in the shade of silver grey and is made of a beautiful stretch cotton, which will ensure comfort against your little ones skin.

The printed overlay of cotton features pleats running along one side, and a hint of colour (pastel pinks)  and little seeded (faux) pearls brings the scene of butterflies and flowers alive in typical Catimini designer style there is just too much detail to mention, but we tried.......

A pinafore look it is finished with a silver mushroom skirt under layer.

Made In France of cotton blend/ viscose poly elastin and acrylic

Machine washable